Tomorrow it begins.

Tomorrow. Yes, it's finally here. I head to the country just outside of Oxford, Nova Scotia to begin work on my new album.

Brian Murray Multi-instrumentalist, Brian Murray will have the most work to do since we only have him…

Evolution of an album

Writing a new record is like going on a trip someplace you've never been, with no map and no idea how long it will take to get there. As I said in a previous post, albums take on a life…

The search for sullen sounds

Don't let the title of the blog post fool you. I'm not that much of a drag to be around. That being said, this album I'm about to record is full of dark imagery and requires a certain atmosphere to…

Shannon Smith - Photographer for Folklore

For this album, I've enlisted the photographic talents of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Shannon Smith. Working with a photographer is a daunting task in that you're trying not to be too self-conscious; this is especially true when…

August 26 - Folklore begins

This is the date the wheels are set in motion. This album I've been writing for the last 2+ years will finally start on its path with my dear friend Dale Murray, producer and multi-instrumentalist, at the helm. Finally.